Global Composite Cardboard Tubes Market: APEJ to Remain at Leading Position

Composite Cardboard Tubes Market

Use of composite cardboard tubes in personal care as well as cosmetics in increasing at higher pace as compared to other end use industries. Future Market Insights has developed a report on the growth of global composite cardboard tubes market. An analyst from FMI has developed a question answer format for better and easier understanding of the growth of the market.

What is your take on expansion of global composite cardboard tubes market?

Well, the report reveals, the global market for composite cardboard tubes is likely to grow at 5.7% CAGR during 2017-2026. Rising concentration on branding and promotion of the product is the key reason for the growth of the market over the foreseeable future.

Why do you think the demand for composite cardboard tubes is increasing?

The packaging industry has been growing in new turn in recent past. Apart from transportation and protection of the product, more emphasis is given to the branding of the product as well as visibility of it.  Composite cardboard tubes are perfect type of packaging for the branding of any product. This type of packaging provides improved appeal as well as images of particular product to the consumers. Along with it the packaging further deliver, augmenting and protection to the product inside the package. Composite packaging tubes are usually utilized for the packaging of promotional as well as premium products. This type packaging is highly attractive as they use relatively less material than that of cardboard boxes of same specification. Additionally, these type of tubes are tough to crush, robust as well as characterized by its shape retaining its property. These are the key properties that are propelling demand for composite cardboard tubes in logistics.

Why do you think APEJ will be leading region in the global market?

Well, such type of packaging is gaining more traction in APEJ region among other region across the globe. Developing countries in this region are demanding more for increased number of end-user companies that are utilizing such type packaging to promote their products and APEJ is being the first preference of various companies to trade in. APEJ region is being trapped by number of players, who deal with cosmetics, food & beverage as well as pharmaceuticals. Thereby positively fueling to the growth of the market. Additionally, rising demand for efficient as well as attractive packaging from end use industries in the APEJ region is further propelling the growth of the market. According to the report, the demand for such type of packaging in China is more than other counties in the APEJ region, followed by India. The sale of composite cardboard tubes in the APEJ region is estimated to reach a little more than US$ 800 Mn by the end of 2026.

What are the leading players contributing more to the growth of global market?

Well, Ace Paper Tube Corp, Valk Industries and Smurfit Kappa Group are observed as key companies contributing more to the growth of the market. Additionally, Visican Ltd and CBT Packaging Ltd. have also consolidated their footprints in the global composite cardboard tubes market.

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