Key Company Developments in Global Food & Beverage Protective Cultures Market

Food and Beverage Protective Cultures Market

Hansen and Kerry Reaffirm Larger Market Footprint with Extended Portfolio, Sacco Prefers Profitable Deal

Protective cultures are meant to play a key role in extending shelf life of foods and beverages. They serve as a replacement of conventional preservative agents that are being constantly used in food and beverage products over the decades, making them healthier and safer to consume. Biosciences companies research on and develop natural food ingredients and solutions that can be used as a substitute to traditional preservatives. This in addition to increasing the original shelf life of food products, enhances health benefits to a great extent.

The global market for food and beverage protective cultures involves a number of companies competing for higher revenues and better market position. The companies participating in this market are bioscience entities that develop natural food ingredients and solutions, primarily concentrating on the development of protective cultures enhancing foods and beverages. Key players are increasingly striving to serve client companies in a better way than ever so that they can suit the dietary preferences of their consumers and efficiently meet their daily health requirements. Looking at a growing consumer preference for natural or organic food products, a growing number of food and beverage manufacturers are compelled to amplify their investments in protective cultures.

Some of the key companies identified in the global food and beverage protective cultures market include Chr. Hansen A/S, Danisco A/S, Sacco Srl, Prayon S.A., Kerry Inc., DSM N.V., and Dalton Biotecnologie S.r.l.

Chr Hansen forays in protective cultures for yogurts and cheese

A Denmark-based company, Chr Hansen, brought to the market a new range of protective culture products (2017) specifically suitable for cheese products and yogurts. The company aims to efficiently replace traditional preservatives in yogurt and cheese, and related products. More recently, Chr Hansen successfully received a patent in South Korea after continual efforts of around four years. The patent is obtained for one of the important and clinically documented strains of probiotics – BB12 (Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis) identified to be responsible for improved immune response.

Kerry Inc. expands current portfolio to include probiotic-based products

Food and nutrition industry giant Kerry Group recently sealed the deal with Ganeden – a recognized player in probiotics; the former acquired the latter in an effort to expand the existing product portfolio with the help of state-of-the-art probiotic technology. Both the companies aim to collectively deliver higher nutrition in addition to better taste.

Sacco Srl. aspires augmented profit share in European market

OptiBiotix recently finalized Sacco for a profit sharing deal within European manufacturing and supply domain. Sacco has been an important market player with excellent industry network across Europe and top reputation in terms of sales. Optibiotix supplies LPLDL® (a naturally occurring strain of Lactobacillus plantarum) that is proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which will now be promoted by Sacco in order to achieve fostered supply.

Untapped opportunities impelling key market players

  • Relatively higher costs of products with protective cultures compared to that of products with artificial preservatives
  • Soaring preference to natural ingredients over conventional artificial preservative agents
  • Potential application in products that do not need fermentation
  • Limited usability in heat-treated foods and beverages

Besides novel product development, constant innovation seems to be the key to discovering new applications and an expanded market share thereby.

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