Global On-site Preventive Care Market Poised for Robust Growth, North America to Lead Closely Followed by Western Europe

On-site Preventive Care Market

“An evolving lifestyle followed by a majority working class is increasingly leading to frequent workplace illness instances, which in turn tends to incessantly impel employers to ensure emergency care and consultation provided at workplaces so that employees do not have to leave workplace. This is one of the core reasons constantly driving the demand for on-site preventive care at an organizational level”, quotes a research analyst from Future Market Insights. Increasingly strict workplace norms and a set of standards meant for workers’ safety within an organization are identified to be the key drivers pushing the global market for on-site preventive care up.

Alarming rise in workplace health problems will continue to generate demand for emergency on-site care. A number of organizations across the globe already have established clinics wherein primary care physicians and consultants serve to provide on-site care to organizational employees. The recent past has seen successful popularization and adoption of workplace wellness programmes and Future Market Insights foresees further adoption of this crucial healthcare service in next few years, attributed to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. While these factors are proved to bode well for the market, it is most likely that the market for on-site preventive care will experience robust growth in near future.

A research analyst answers the important queries in order to simply the overall growth pattern of global on-site preventive care market within a forecast period, 2017-2027.

Where do you estimate the market revenues by the end of forecast period?

According to our market study, the global market for on-site preventive care will possibly exceed a value of US$ 32 Bn by the end of 2027. The market was evaluated at US$ 16.13 Bn in 2017, which reflects an impressive growth pattern estimated over 2017-2027, with a healthy CAGR of 7.1%.

What are the factors primarily driving the demand for on-site preventive care, other than soaring workplace health issues?

Surging instances of chronic disorders among a growing working population represent an important factor demanding preventive care at the workplace itself. Another significant factor driving market growth includes deepening penetration of various workplace wellness programmes. Moreover, the affordable care act aims at promotion of better employee-based coverage of workplace wellness, which is another key factor fueling the market growth.

According to you, who does the on-site preventive care benefit more – employees or employers?

Both. To be precise, employees tend to get the necessary support at their workplaces without having to leave the workplaces. The physicians in clinics work in tandem with employees in order to address their exact health issues right at the workplace. On the flipside, employers with established on-site preventive care clinics have been registering better morale among employees, higher productivity, and considerable cost savings.

Can you mention some of the key companies contributing heavily to global on-site preventive care market revenues?

Yes, there are a number of participants in the global marketplace. Some of the key players include Premise Health, OnSite Care, Inc., PrevMED, RepuCare, Healthcare Solutions Centers, LLC, McCormack & Kale Motiva Health & Chiropractic, Inc., Marino Wellness, Kinema Fitness, and TotalWellness. A majority companies are concentrating on innovations in providing preventive care at workplace, whereas others are focusing on extending their service range. We expect the market to remain competitive throughout the forecast period.

Which are the most competitive regions?

North America and Western Europe are expected to compete neck and neck throughout the forecast period. Owing to various regulatory policies regarding employee safety set by the US Government, North America will continue to dominate with over 37% revenue share by 2027 end. The second leading region will be Western Europe, which is anticipated to thrive at a significant CAGR over the assessment period.

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