Apple Earphones to be Protected by Sheath Materials

Sheath Materials Market

A sheath is defined as the covering around the electric wire for its protection or as a closed fitting cover for knife or sword. The sheath around the knife is manufactured of leather plastic, kydex or nylon. The sheath material can be used for it to be resistant enough to hold the knife with sharp blades. According to Future Market Insight, the global sheath material market is anticipated to hace positive growth rate over the foreseeable future. Number of market players are concentrating in improving the quality of sheath material. Several leading players operating in the market includes, Durex industries, SAB Brockskes GmbH & Co. KG etc.

Apple recently displayed a report of Apple wining 4 design patents in Hong Kong related to AirPod ear hook tips. Further design patents, the US Patent & Trademark Office recently distributed a patent tender from Apple linking to its future product named Earphone Assemblies to Wingtips for Anchoring to a User. While this accessory is likely to be an ordinary parts for Apple to trade backup AirPods, this is definitely going to offended Apple dealers such as EarBuddyz. Whether this is an experiment or not is yet to be cleared as wingstrips presently come with BeatsX earphones.

Invention Relates Assemblies with Wingtips

The invention by Apple relates to earphone assemblies with wingtips to deliver anchoring to users while its use. For instance, an earphone assembly to be worn by user’s ear includes, an audio output component, housing and the component us placed at least partially within the housing flex support position with reverence to housing, and a wing increased from the first wing housing end to a second wing housing end, in which the flexible arm has been extended along a portion of the wing, as well as in which the material used for the manufacturing of the wing is more rigid than that of the wing.

Assembly to be Tattered by User’s Ear

The hosing, a sheath tailored about is another example of assembly. The wing elongated between the first wing end combined with the first wing platform of the sheath material as well as the second wing end combined to second wing platform of the sheath, also a flex arm increased within the flex support is coupled to prevent at least portion of wing from moving out of plane of wing as well as in which the flex support is combined to enable at least part of wing from coming out of a plane of wing and in which the flex support is configured to enable at least part of the wing to travel within the wing plate.

Another example of the use of sheath material is the assembly to be damaged by the ear of the user includes the housing, a sheath fitted about the hosing, the first flex arm increasing between the first flex arm part of the sheath material as well as the 1st flex free end, the 2nd flex support increasing between second flex arm part of the sheath as well as 2nd flex free end as well as the wing portion spreading in between the 1st flex end and the 2nd flex end, in which the least part of the wing can be operative while maintaining contact with user’s ear while the assembly is tattered by the user’s ear.

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