Metsä Board Launches Eco-friendly and Sustainable Lid and Bottom Box for Gift Packaging

Lid & Bottom Box Market

Increasing consumption of consumer goods and gifts has led to increase production of lid and bottom boxes. A primary packaging solutions, lid and bottom boxes are cost effective and proficient packaging solution for a varied range of products. Lid and bottom boxes are available in hundreds of shapes and sizes to meet personalized demand of end users. They offer proper handling and delivers high quality presentation of goods for their marketing. The packaging solutions are best suited for packing luxury consumers goods such as shoes, watches, jewelries and perfumes among others. The global lid and bottom box market serves several end-use industries such as personal care, food & beverages, automotive, etc. for product packaging. These are basically made from paper and plastic in particular as it provides optimum resistance and high

The packaging manufacturers are actively focusing to integrate innovative technologies in designing and modifying lid and bottom boxes packing solutions in order to attract large customer base and gain competitive advantage in the market across the globe. Several end user are inclining towards cost effective and ecofriendly packaging products and solutions. Enforcement of stringent law and regulations by environment regulatory bodies coupled with the growing awareness on plastic pollution has led to encourage production of recyclable lid and bottom box packaging solutions.

Metsä Board to Introduce Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Lid and Bottom Box Packaging Solution

A Finnish paper and pulp company, Metsä Board has introduced a sustainable packaging, the new SkinCare 2.0 gift box made from light weight paperboard material without using plastic film wrap. Moreover, the all new eco-friendly lid and bottom gift box are available in a variety of unique opening and reclosing features that are combined with optimal runnability performance by automated packaging lines. The company unveiled supreme features of SkinCare 2.0 gift box at PCD Paris 2018 show in order to showcase an innovative step towards sustaining packaging.

The company stated that the global population is expected to exceed 8.5 billion by the end of 2030. Thereby, demand for consumer goods and its packaging will also achieve robust growth. Growing consumption of plastic is highly likely to become a major environment issue which will lead to accumulation of plastic in oceans and disrupt aquatic ecosystem.

Thus, Metsä Board is focusing on manufacturing of 100% plastic free packaging solutions. The company looks forward to invest in potential opportunities in secondary packaging. The company is likely to add new features that will reduce 25% of packaging when compared with the traditional lid and bottom box designs. The company is anticipated to incorporate half-cut opening mechanism in lid and bottom boxes which is likely to reduce requirement of raw material by 30% compared to conventional box packaging solutions.

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