Key Company Developments in Global Dry Cleaning Solvents Market

Dry Cleaning Solvents Market

Tide Forays in Dry Cleaning Services, ExxonMobil Introduces a Brand New Product to Dry Cleaning Solvents Market

Dry cleaning solvents usually contain highly toxic chemicals, which may be flammable and are recommended to be used by professionals only. The most preferred ones include silicone-based solvents, since they tend to penetrate deeper in to fibers of fabrics and their chemical inertness prevent any adverse chemical reactions between fabrics and the dry cleaning solvent. While silicone-based solvents constitute only one product segment, there are a range of other segments contributing to the global market for dry cleaning solvents.

Fabric manufacturers are increasingly inclining towards researching the development of anti-stain fabric materials, which may hamper the demand for laundry and dry cleaning services in near future. Moreover, North American and European markets for dry cleaning solvents are already facing challenges for growth due to restriction on the use of perchloroethylene, one of the most widely used chemical in dry cleaning solvents. These and a few more similar factors are presumed to be the restraints to market growth in next few years.

Some of the key companies participating in the global dry cleaning solvents market competition are ADCO, Parisar Industries Inc., Condrou Manufacturing, Caled Industries, Cole & Wilson, Solvay, STREETS, Euroclean, SAFECHEM Europe GmbH, and ExxonMobil.

Tide debuts in dry cleaning with years of experience in allied products and service areas

P&G Tide Systems now ventures in dry cleaning with the brand name – Tide Dry Cleaners, the first foray being in Northeast Ohio. Despite of exhibiting a series of usual equipment, such as shirts and pants pressing machines, the new Tide plant in Northeast Ohio will focus more on the contemporary green earth technology specifically meant for dry cleaning. The technology prefers the use of an eco-friendly silicone-based cleaning solvent over other conventionally used ones.

Lux Dry Cleaning differs with exclusive usage of eco-friendly solvents

Lux Dry Cleaning company generally provides laundry service, dry cleaning, and alterations but only through a range of eco-friendly cleaning solvents. The company is also known for outstanding water conservation techniques. Serving 24x7x365 to customers who follow long work schedules, Lux sticks to its exclusively eco-friendly solvents and water conservation without compromising on quality, speed, and affordability.

ExxonMobil develops a new, effective solvent to replace perchloroethylene

ExxonMobil Chemical recently launched its newly developed synthetic hydrocarbon fluid – DF-2000™, which is being looked at as an effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly substitute to traditional yet hazardous solvents, such as perchloroethylene. When used in presence of proper equipment, processes, and additives, DF-2000 offers an extraordinary cleaning performance, in addition to being safer for workers. It also maintains stability throughout several cycles of distillation and reclamation.

A few other competitive developments serve as add-ons to the market growth. Cole & Wilson strengthens its current market position in Christeyns UK Group, whereas a Texas-based company – OXXO continues to represent a wrinkle-free brand providing only green cleaning solutions.

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