Key Developments in Global Commercial Vehicles LED Bar Lights

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles bar lights are installed on vehicles to brighten roads while driving at night. The commercial vehicles LED bar lights are further utilized for warning system in emergency vehicles to warn another vehicles on road. LED lights are manufactured in red, yellow, blue, orange, green, white and almost in all colors. The red and blue colored LED are linked with police cars. On the other hand, red color LEDs are associated with ambulances and trucks. Some commercial vehicles are installed with such type LED bar lights at the floor to deliver unique look to its interior. These kind of LED lights come with increased life spam and consume less power as compared to traditional lights. Further, LED lights have fast response compared to ordinary lights. This helps improve road safety.

Nowadays, Day Time Running Lights (DRLs) have gained traction in global commercial vehicles LED bar lights market as the attractive element of automobiles. Along with DRLs, LED bar lights are further point of attraction in automobiles. Owing to increased popularity of LED bar lights, number of leading players are focusing on increasing their product portfolio by introducing new innovations in LED bar lights. The global LED bar lights market consists of number of leading players operating in the market such as Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Magneti Marelli S.p.A, OSRAM GmbH, Opulent-Americas.

Osram Lunches Synios P2720 940 nm-wavelength IR LED 

Germany-based company, Osram recently introduced Synios P2720 LED which minimized red glow, which occurs with light sources in short-wave infrared range. Until now, the sensitivity of IR cameras for recognition of 2D facial was only good with the use of light source of wavelength 850 nm. However, cameras then improved to provide greater sensitivity in longer-wavelength ranges as 940nm light sources are used that help enhance overall performance of cameras.

ISELED Launched Evolution Kit for Smart RGB LED solution

The Germany-based ISELED Alliance has launched evolution kit for smart RGB LED solution focused at automotive ambient lighting. This evolutionary kit helps developers to quickly generate and prototype ISELED solutions, considerably minimizing development time. Custom lightning effects can easily induced in it using programmed software developed by Lucie Labs as well as tested on 16 RGB LEDs kit. The evolution kit has been developed on the basis of NXP’s controller board, highlighting automotive capable S32K1xx Arm cortex on the basis of MCU with a USB cable to connect PC host.

Inova semiconductors Reveals smart RGB LED controller and driver for in-car LED lightning 

The new invention of in-car lighting will include 10 to 30 LEDs straddling on a flexible LED strip. Every group of LEDs will include green, red and blue color lights, which are logically organized by ISELED keen RGB LED driver. However, the smart LED standalone driver is available that helps manufacturers to custom design their own choice. The standalone driver introduced by Inova is likely to be build custom LED cables, which can be organized through a bidirectional two-wire disparity bus. Each device controls nearly three LEDs with the help of PWM-controlled outputs.

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