How Digital Signage System will reshape the Future of Interaction & Display?

Digital Signage System

There is no doubt in saying that digital signage has taken over the world by storm. It has gained momentum with falling prices of computer hardware and universal rise of Internet as a service (IaaS). This has enabled users in receiving high-end computing services online, except that access to web remains a restricting factor. Demand for digital signage has been on a tremendous rise owing to its ability of displaying all kinds of media such as websites, text, visual, HTML5 templates, pictures, audio, and a mix of audio-visual at high fidelity. These systems provide a rich media experience and great interactivity.

Global Digital Signage System Market Expected to Witness an Upsurge in the near Future

Traditionally been used for information dissemination and advertising, digital signage in just only beginning to peak owing to the rise of Internet, and soaring number of smart devices connected to each other. Factors such as high initial cost of installation, content creation, support, huge maintenance investments, and hardware & software, are expected to restrain the growth of the global digital signage system market, according to a study by Future Market Insights (FMI). Although the market faces aforementioned challenges, growth of the market is expected to witness an upsurge in the near future, as per FMI’s report.

Factors Influencing the Growth of the Global Digital Signage System Market Include

  • Extending display size through connection with other screens
  • Real-time content update
  • Remote access, monitoring & controlling
  • Data transmission through compressed files
  • Prevention of malfunctioning owing to the fan-less design
  • Tamper-resistant, energy savings and cost-effectiveness
  • Dynamic and interactivity

Future Trends of the Digital Signage System

Digital signage system are now being used to create interactive & rich media platform via which the presence of applications in several areas is growing, rendering it possible for users for engaging in productive task collaboration. Following are some factors which are expected to fuel the demand for digital signage system in the future.

  • The displays will operate in tandem with the smartphone apps and wearables, most suitable for the user by taking into account the levels of user’s optimal nutrition. The apps, in co-ordination with sensors linked to displays, will calculate and provide calorie recommendations on the basis of the user’s heath goals & other data.
  • Another possible feature is the augmented reality, where face recognition will be used by digital display boards for identifying the user as he/she enters their car. These systems will render the display of information & commercials to adults, while children are likely to be targeted by cartoons or animation. The digital signage systems are expected to have superior interactions with cars, providing seamless spanning over in-car touch screens.
  • Digital signage is likely to provide access to a user’s all social media interactions, eliminating the limitation of social media access to only hand-held devices. This concept, in the future, is expected to possess features such as face recognition and also response to voice commands, which will enable immediate tracking of the user’s data & social media profiles, once allowed.
  • Machine learning is expected to render a lot of information to digital signs, which can be accessed through openly available databases, and other user-provided data resources. For example, once the user enters a restaurant, the signs would greet him/her by name and lead you to your reserved area. Digital signage in this way are expected to move towards personalisation.
  • Digital signage are expected to comprise of pattern recognition in less than a decade, wherein, for example, when a user will enter the restaurant that he frequently visits, the digital signage would recognise the user’s face and confirm his/her reservation made through the smartphone app.

Digital signage system is expected to witness an uptick in its growth in the near future, and is predicted to soar higher over the next decade. The market is already witnessing a competitiveness among key participants, who are focusing on mergers & acquisitions strategies for outperforming their competitors.

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