Growing Demand for Optical Cable to Boost Global Silicon Tetrachloride Market

Silicon Tetrachloride Market

Silicon tetrachloride, also known as tetrachlorosilane, is an organic, colorless and volatile liquid. Silicon tetrachloride is highly used in production of high purity silica and silicon for application in commercial business. According to recent case study by Future Market Insights, the global silicon tetrachloride market is estimated to be valued at US$ 2,846 million by the end of 2027. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.3% during the forecast period 2017 – 2027. An analysts associated with the market researcher has answered some of the key queries regarding the expansion of the global silicon tetrachloride market, and has revealed valuable insights as follows:

According to you, what are the dynamics factors to drive demand for silicon tetrachloride across the globe?

The growing demand for silicon tetrachloride and fumed silica is highly attributed by rising demand for chemical intermediates owing to its requirement as a raw material. Being an intermediate chemical, demand for silicon tetrachloride is likely to witness robust growth in production of polysilicon for certain vertical industries. Moreover, increasing manufacturing of optic cable preform worldwide is expected to surge demand for major raw materials such as silicon tetrachloride in high purity form. Thereby, continuous increase in demand for optic cable is expected to have positive impact on market growth of silicon tetrachloride during the forecast period.

As per FMI’s insights, what you think is the deterrent factor for growth of silicon tetrachloride market?

Enforcement of stringent regulations in manufacturing process of silicon tetrachloride is highly likely to restrain market growth. The manufacturing process of by product polysilicon encounters several drawbacks in recycling of silicon tetrachloride. Several regional government bodies have imposed a minimum recycling rate for silicon tetrachloride which inflates cost for recycling facilities and operating cost. Due to this, the overall cost of silicon tetrachloride increases and thereby, affects the global supply chain in the near future. Based in these factors, market players are likely to face challenges in production and recycling of silicon tetrachloride during the forecast period.

According to you, will APEJ continue to represent the most lucrative market place for silicon tetrachloride?

Growing adoption of IoT, FFTx, 5G and 4G has led to influenced demand for optical cables across the globe. Several countries like the US, Japan and China together constitutes nearly 80% of the total manufacturing of optical cable. Moreover, China alone was estimated to account for 58% of share in terms of consumption in 2017. Thus, continuous increase in demand for optical cables is likely to proportionate to surging demand for silicon tetrachloride in the near future.

What is your perspective on application of silicon tetrachloride in solar industry, especially in China?

In China, the growing inclination towards adoption of solar energy due to over exploitation of conventional fossil fuel reserve has led to increase installation of solar panels for power generation. Silicon tetrachloride is signified as one of the core raw material for production of solar panels. Thereby by focus on increasing adoption of solar energy is highly likely to spur demand for silicon tetrachloride in the near future.

Where else do you foresee potential growth for silicon tetrachloride market among industries?

Apart from solar industry, growing semiconductor industry and the rising developments in paint and coatings industry is expected to encourage adoption of silicon tetrachloride during the forecast period. Moreover, rising demand for chemical intermediate across several manufacturing industries is anticipated to witness an impetus growth for silicon tetrachloride market during the forecast period.

Who are the key stake holders in silicon tetrachloride market?

Several manufacturers of silicon tetrachloride are focusing to diversify their product portfolio in terms of grade to attract large customer base for differential applications. Market players are highly likely to build long term supply arrangements for raw material to manufacture silicon tetrachloride and meet growing future demand throughout the forecast period. One of the key player in silicon tetrachloride market is Evonik Industries that has accounted for nearly 40% of value share in 2016, thereby expected to remain prevalent player during the forecast period. Other companies operating in North America and Europe such as Cabot Corp., DowDuPont Inc., Wacker Chemie AG, The Linde Group and Air Liquide S.A. are expected to attain potential opportunities in silicon tetrachloride market. APEJ based companies such as Tokuyama Corporation and OCI Company Ltd. are expected to account for valuable share in the near future

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