Engine Flush Market in North American to Surpass US$ 360 Mn Value by 2026-end

Engine Flush Market

An engine flush washes out gunk out of car’s engine. Improvements in fuel consumption technologies have led to the need for use of lubricants or oil to flush out the dirt gathered in the combustion engine. Owing to adulteration of gasoline and diesel across the world, the demand for engine flush carry on to gain traction. The role of engine flush is to enhance the engine performance, increasing vehicle life and minimizing overall carbon emission through combustion engine.

Market Overview

According to a report published by Future Markey Insights, the global engine flush market is likely to witness expansion at 3.5% volume CAGR during the forecast period (2017-2026). The report reveals the engine flush worth US$ 1.85 Bn will be traded across the world, by the end of 2026.

Most of the engine flush manufactured across the world are commonly utilized in the automotive industry. Diesel and petrol engine, which account for 100% consumption of total engine flush manufactured across the globe, will exhibit 60:40 split respectively, in terms of market value share percentage over the assessment period. The report reveals an increasing end-use of engine flush in servicing of industrial equipment, while engine flush will be primarily utilized in the automotive industry. The industrial equipment servicing, by end-use is likely to procure 4.3% CAGR, in terms of value, over the assessment period.

Why will Semi-synthetic Oils register high CAGR value?

To flush out the sludge from combustion chamber and other components of the engine, use of improved engine oil is required. Vehicle owners are widely utilizing fully-synthetic oils as an engine flush. However, high production cost has curbed its penetration in the global engine flush production landscape. Increased viscosity indexes provided by semi-synthetic oils supplanted the adoption of fully synthetic oils.

Additionally, the increased life of semi-synthetic oils is further anticipated to extend its uses as engine flush in near future. Apropos the report, nearly half of the engine flush sold in the global market is likely to be manufactured by semi-synthetic oils, by the end of 2026. Further, the fully-synthetic oil segment is likely to bring almost US$ 750 Mn in the global engine flush market by the end of forecast period.

What is the performance of engine flush market across the globe?

Consumers in the US and Canada are likely to procure highest market share of the engine flush manufactured across the globe. The market in the North America has surpassed a valuation of approximately US$ 360 Mn, exhibiting the largest markets of APEJ and Europe region in foreseeable future. Some companies in the global engine flush market are concentrating on growing their exports to North America.

What are the prominent players operating in the market?

Companies such as AMSOIL INC., Tec4 Lubricants, BULLSONE Co. Ltd., BARDAHL Manufacturing Corporation, Petra Oil, Penrite Oil Company, Valvoline Inc., LIQUI MOLY GmbH, Berner Group, International Lubricants, Inc., LUBRITA EUROPE B.V., and 3M Company are profiled in the report as the leading players operating in the global engine flush market.

To increase market share, these players are focusing on collaboration with small scale companies also some are investing more in research and development activities. The report further includes strategies of these leading players to remain at the forefront in the global engine flush market. Long term vision of these players to increase their consumer base has been included in this report as well.

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  1. I was reading through your article and I am questioning your list of prominent players in the Market. What was your source for this players data? It does not appear to be accurate. Per POS NPD data, you left off the leader who has over 99% owner share of the Engine Flush Market. RSC Chemical Solutions who is the maker of the GUNK branded Motor Flush, has owned the market share on this for years. Was there a reason for this omission? Was this a pay for advertisement article? Thanks for your time.

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