Air-Cooled Industrial Magnetrons will Remain Preferred in the Market

Industrial Magnetrons Market

Industrial magnetron is a vacuum tube to pass electron under controlled magnetic field in order to generate frequency on microwave level. It is also called as crossed-field device in which both electric and magnetic field are employed in industrial operation. Industrial magnetron serves different purpose based on end sue industries. The magnetron technology is being wide used as it helps in minimizing operation cost thereby, influencing manufactures in market expansion across the globe.

According to the Future Market Insights report, the global industrial magnetron market is estimated to be valued at US$ 6,000 Mn by the end of forecast period. The market is expected to register an excellent CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period 2017 – 2026. Increasing industrial developments in the emerging economies directly proportionate with the increasing demand for industrial magnetron.

What are the dynamics factors to drive demand for industrial magnetron across the globe?

  • Growing adoption of industrial magnetron for plasma generation
  • Growing pharmaceutical, coating and rubber industries
  • Strong emphasis to minimize operational cost
  • Favorable government policies to encourage expansion of manufacturing capabilities of industrial magnetron
  • Increasing integration of technological advancement in existing standard industrial magnetron

Which regions offer potential growth for industrial magnetron market players?

The Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) is anticipated to remain profitable regional market for industrial magnetron. Developing economies like India and China are expected to witness robust growth owing to rising population in this region. These countries are focusing to invest heavily in order to boost industrial sector which is expected to surge demand for industrial magnetron in the near future.  Followed by APEJ, North America is expected to offer significant opportunities for industrial magnetron manufacturers. The North American market players are anticipated to account for two-fifth of the overall global industrial magnetron market during the forecast period.

How can demand for industrial magnetron find significant growth among applications?

Among several industries, application of industrial magnetron finds its maximum us in plasma generation. The continuous flow of material led to increase demand for continuous wave industrial magnetron. The electromagnetic shielded chamber is generally cooled with the help of air or water to prevent excessive heating of the equipment. Although both air-cooled and water-cooled magnetron are primarily used in cooling operation, air-cooled industrial magnetron are expected to witness comparatively maximum demand in the near future. This is highly attributed to its cost effective value. Increasing adoption of industrial magnetron for plasma generation is therefore anticipated to surge its demand during the forecast period.

How can solid state power oscillator affect the market growth for industrial magnetron in the near future?

Market players involved in the manufacture of industrial magnetron may get affected due to gradual adoption of solid state power oscillator in the near future. Deployment of solid state power oscillator provides advantages such as low power consumption and longer lifespan which results to deliver improved efficiency in a cost effective manner. Thus, growing end users preference for solid state power oscillator over industrial magnetron is likely to impede sale of industrial magnetron market during the forecast period.

Who are the key stake holders in industrial magnetron market?

Several end use industries that involves heating and cooling application in their operations are highly likely to influence demand for industrial magnetron.  Major Companies like Panasonic Corporation, Hitachi Ltd., Toshiba International Corporation, L3 Technologies, Inc., Teledyne E2V Limited, MUEGGE GmbH, Richardson Electronics, Ltd., STT International Limited and MDP Components are expected to incorporate innovative technologies into their product portfolio to meet futuristic demand of end use industries across the globe.

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