Growing Beverage Industry to Surge Demand for Nylon Film for Liquid Packaging Market

Nylon Films for Liquid Packaging Market

Increasing consumer preference for flexible packaging especially for liquid products is anticipated to increase demand for nylon films. A continuous synthetic polymer based on semi aromatic and aliphatic polyamides, nylon film are widely used in a varied range of applications. Nylon film for liquid packaging are light weight, durable and flexible compared to rigid plastic packaging.

According to the Future Market Insights report, the global nylon film for liquid packaging market is estimated to reach US$ 200 Mn by the end of 2027. The market is expected to register a CAGR of 6.4% during the forecast period 2017 – 2027. Such tremendous growth is attributed by the increasing demand for nylon film for packaging as it offers prolonged shelf life to beverages and other liquid products.

What are the significant factors to influence sale of nylon films for liquid packaging?

  • Increasing use of flexible packaging across various industrial sector
  • Growing concern about food safety coupled with the increasing demand for its prolonged preservation
  • Convenient usage experience of nylon film packaging
  • Heavy investment in research and development field for integration of new technology and innovative product launch

However, limitation in packaging technology coupled with heavy dependence on traditional packaging is likely to restrict application of nylon film for liquid packaging in the near future.

How beverage industry can helps to fortify nylon film for liquid packaging market growth?

The beverage industry is one of the major contributor to nylon film for liquid packaging market to achieve exponential growth. Several regions are witnessing surging demand for nylon film packaging for smaller packet sizes which result to increase demand for stand up bottles and pouches. The increasing consumption of bottled water highly contributes to increasing demand for stand up bottles. Based on such trend, demand for PET bottle is anticipated to remain high during the forecast period. Moreover, nylon film for liquid packaging is being highly preferred for its significant properties such as gas barrier ability which is an excellent choice for carbonated beverages. Several beverage producers are focusing to expand their business by offering various flavors due to ever growing demand for aerated soft drinks. This is likely to offer tremendous opportunities for market player involved in the manufacture of nylon film packaging. In addition to this, increasing demand for RTD beverages, flavored milk and water and energy drinks is likely to have positive impact on nylon film for liquid packaging market in the near future.

How nylon film for liquid packaging market get affected by traditional packaging technology?

Major companies involved in nylon film packaging are expected to encounter some drawbacks in the market especially in impoverished part of the world. Such region have limited access to innovative technology and advanced machineries to manufacture nylon film for liquid packaging. Use of raw materials compromising on the standard guidelines affects the overall quality of end products which results to impede in revenue generation in beverage industry. Moreover, lack of raw material at some regions led to prefer traditional methodologies for liquid packaging in cheaper cost.

Nonthelss, long term relationshps and practicing collaboration with renowned companies is expected to help address abovementioned problem of companies in packaging industry.

Several manufacturing companies are strongly focusing to access raw material to manufacture nylon films. Heavy investment to integrate innovative technologies in packaging methodologies is expected to attract large customer base in beverage industry. Companies such as Sealed Air Corporation, Bemis Company, Inc., Winpak Ltd, Sealed Air Corporation, Amcor Ltd., SIG Combibloc Group AG, Constantia Flexibles Group, DS Smith Plc and Nampak Ltd are some of the key satke holder in nylon film for liquid packaging market.

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