Increasing Demand for Bakery & Confectionery Food Products is Likely to Strengthen Cultures Market

Cultures Market

Cultures also known as microbial food cultures are primarily used in a variety of food products like fermented, processes, probiotic and dairy food products. Cultures in the form of yeast and bacteria are gaining popularity owing to its several health benefits. According to Future Market Insights report, by the end of the forecast period, the global cultures market is estimated to reach at US$ 1,514,969.9 Mn and expected to register a CAGR of 4.1% during the forecast period.

What are the market dynamics to boost cultures market?

  • Increasing incidences of food borne diseases around the world is likely to drive demand for microbial food culture
  • Rising concern about health due changing food habits and sedentary lifestyle
  • Increasing demand for functional and probiotic food
  • Increasing demand for antibiotics in fighting several forms of microbial infection

In addition to this, several companies are investing heavily in research & development field to introduce advanced technologies in the production of microbial food culture under precise and controlled interior environment condition. Moreover, trending frozen dried microbial food culture is expected to offer potential opportunities for cultures market players in the near future. This is attributed to its ability to produce high quality culture by preserving them in a long-term storage facility and maintain the overall food culture structure.

What is the future scope for cultures market?

Food industry is the foremost contributor to strengthen growing demand for cultures globally. Several companies in production of bakery & confectionery, sweet & savory snacks, frozen & chilled processed food, dried processed food, sauces, dressings, condiments and beverages among others highly use microbial food cultures. These are mainly used in the form of starters, probiotics and adjuncts. Among theses, probiotics culture is highly likely to gain immense popularity in dairy products for its health benefits like improved digestive system and immune systems. In addition to this, bakery & confectionery is expected to remain prevalent application in using cultures on large scale for its ability to increase shelf life of food items.

However, continuous rise in food borne diseases has led to emphasize on risk management strategies to check quality control and increase preventive measures in order to mitigate microbial infection outbreak. Although, cultures market foresees potential opportunities in processed food industry, need for high quality cultures is likely to remain a drawback in market growth.

Moreover, pharmaceutical industries are expected to present string demand for lactic bacteria in the form of tablets and capsules. With the growing concern over fitness and health, increasing consumption of nutrition supplements is observed in the recent past. Thereby supplements that contain lactic bacteria are highly likely to witness rise in demand in the near future.

Who are the major players in cultures market?

The Europe is likely to remain major contributor to robust growth of cultures market during the forecast period. Increasing production of fermented food items coupled with the rising concern about increasing incidences of microbial infection is expected to surge demand for cultures in this region. Other regions like North America and the Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) are expected to offer significant prospects for culture producers to strengthen their market position with the increasing demand for bakery & confectionary food items and beverages during the forecast period.

Several companies like Naturex, KF Specialty Ingredients, Ingredion, Kerry Group, DuPont, Cargill, Evonik, Ashland Inc., Tate & Lyle and Royal DSM are operating in perfume ingredient chemicals market.

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