The Job of Marketing: Earning Audience’s Attention!

Earning Audiences Attention

Rather than winning the attention of the readers, marketing operations are expected to do a lot more for the company’s business growth. Almost every industrial vertical is witnessing a growing participation of its players towards social media marketing. Companies are focusing more on marketing than on product development and customer service. The online presence is turning out to be more valuable for enterprises, and customers are concurring to this notion by showing more interests towards products with high social media presence.

In the future, the job of marketing professionals is expected to change to some extent. While they are expected to keep their company abreast on social media trends by posting its happenings regularly, it is also important for the enterprise to stay afloat with the competition. In any marketplace, especially IT-driven, companies are aggressively competing with each other to gain the greater traction on social media marketing platforms. This volatile environment creates a stiff aggression among marketing professionals, with each one trying to test and exploit new marketing techniques and tools. The end-result: online platforms become skewed with marketing information overload and people are not able to blindly trust neither of the products and none of the companies.

 Why Marketing has Failed to Earn Trust of the Viewers

Going forward, the key objective of social media marketing is to address the needs of the intermediate audience rather than capturing the global requirements. Influencing the next door neighbor will become more important as connecting with overseas strangers doesn’t necessarily convert into better sales.

Up until recently, many enterprises across the globe have employed similar marketing strategies. This has generated frustration among customers as they aren’t able to identify the distinguishing factors that can help them make a choice. The existing marketing techniques have failed to make a mark on the viewer’s mind. The influence wasn’t strong enough to convert into high sales growth.

New Techniques for Effective Marketing

In the recent past, some innovative ideas have transformed the domain of social media marketing. Companies are running photo contests on Facebook to create greater audience response for their products based on their attractiveness. Some companies are running Facebook Live campaigns to interact with the audience directly and in real-time. Answering their questions have paved way for higher customer engagement.

Third-party social media marketing firms are tagging people with their posts. Communities with specific habitats and lifestyles are being notified, and these groups of people are being baited towards becoming a trusted customer base. Creating coupons, running reaction campaigns on social media websites, and connecting the products with hot topics of national and international interests are also observed as key marketing techniques that can effectively earn the attention of the viewers.

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