Key Advantages of Baobab Powder

Baobab is the fruit of ‘Tree of Life’ of Africa. This is the only fruit that dries naturally on the branch of the tree. The prickly, velvet-like and green coloured coating of the baobab makeover into brown, smooth, and kind of coconut shell by baking in the sun for 6 months. The whitish pulp inside its hard casing contains no moisture. It simply needs to harvest and sieve to make 100% natural and organic powder, which is extremely rich in nutrients, with an equally impressive range of benefits. These benefits will further fuel the growth of global baobab powder market.

The powder of Baobab is the rich source of vitamin C that contributes to normal:

  • Immune function
  • Energy Release
  • Healthy, glowing skin

The powder is nearly half fibre as well as comprises more antioxidants than any other whole fruit. As it is the natural source of these nutrients it is largely bioavailable than manufactured vitamin supplements that will aid our bodies to ingest the nutrients more easily, certifying an increased uptake.

The Baobab powder has 3 years shell life, thereby there are no requirements to add preservatives in it. The powder has citrusy and sweet flavour. The powder is the great source of various nutrients that has numerous benefits.

  1. Immune System

Unlike other animals, human body cannot store or make its own vitamin C, so one needs to make sure that he/she will get it from the food we used to eat daily. A 10g baobab powder provides 33% of daily requirement of vitamin C.

The key benefit of the vitamin C is, it keeps our immune system strong, which helps our body to defence against infections, diseases, and other illnesses. Shaking this powder into water or orange juice is likely to provide extra dose of vitamin C on-the-go.

  1. Blood Sugar

The baobab powder contains 34% soluble fibre, which helps to minimize the rate of release of sugar into blood stream, decreasing energy spikes. Soluble fibre also helps to improve blood cholesterol, reduce visceral fat and control blood glucose levels. The baobab is ideal for those who following low GI diet. It is also beneficial for the people having type 2 diabetes.

  1. Absorption of Iron

A fewer known information about vitamin C is that it is required to help absorption of iron by the body, therefore combining iron with vitamin C essentially upsurges absorption. Human body needs two types of iron such as heme iron and nonheme iron. The heme iron is found in fish, red meat and poultry, as well as the nonheme iron, is present in milk, eggs, meat and plant foods. The absorption of these type of irons can be increased by combining it with the vitamin C. As discussed above, baobab is the natural source of vitamin C and is easily accessible to the body and is better absorbed that artificial supplements.

  1. Slow Energy Release

The vitamin C contributes to normal energy release. Such slow and steady release withstand us for longer period of time and avert us from feeling tired all of sudden. So, it aids decrease of fatigue and tiredness as well as supportive to a regular energy-yielding metabolism that is required for all activities and functions of the body, comprising exercise and physical activities.

  1. Radiant Skin

Baobab is the largest antioxidant content of any fruit. Each gram of powder contains double the antioxidants that are found in each gram of goji as well as more than combination of pomegranates and blueberries.

Baobab consists of vitamin C and antioxidants that support collagen formation, which helps one to get glowing and radiant skin and prevents wrinkles too.

  1. Pre/Post Work Out

Physical exercise increases oxidative damage to muscle tissues and cells, therefor it is necessary to improve intake of vitamin C to minimize its negative effects. Therefore, including baobab in the diet is likely to overcome the damages caused by physical exercise.

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