Why Automotive Lifts are the Essential Garage Equipment

Automotive Garage Equipment Market

Be it commercial auto workshop or a private garage of a DIYer, automotive lifts are vital for working on any vehicle. Coming in different sizes, designs and functionalities, automotive lifts can elevate motorcycles, cars and even trucks. Choosing the right lift system as an automotive garage equipment is of a greater importance. The design and style of each automotive lift systems is developed to specifically facilitate the lifting of particular range of vehicles. Considering the heavy curb weight of vehicles available in the market, manufacturers of automotive lifts are developing products with capabilities of handling a range of weights. Using an automotive lift with low load capacity for elevating large vehicles can cause a lot of damage for the garage, other automotive garage equipment, and even the garage personnel.

A majority of commercial auto workshops and private garages around the globe are equipped with standard car lifts that can hoist sedans, SUVs and large MUVs. For people working on their cars in their own garage, a proper training on the use of automotive lifts is necessary. Improper handling of automotive lift can risk the lives of people working under the vehicle. Such incidences have been prevalent in several parts of the world. Automotive lift manufacturers have been unable to boost the safety measures of their offerings, creating a considerable distress in the global market for automotive garage equipment.

In selection of the right automotive lift, the type of repair work to be done on the vehicles becomes a determinative factor. In the global automotive garage equipment market, around six types of automotive lifts are available:

  • Air Powered Lifts: These lifts are used for hoisting motorcycles and ATVs. The platform is raised and lowered with basic air pressure provided from air compressors.
  • Portable Automotive Lifts: These lifts are widely used in auto expos and trade shows. They are easy to set up, have great mobility features and a hassle-free operability.
  • Pit or In-Ground Automotive Lifts: Being flush mounted into the floor of the garage, these lifts are available in large commercial auto workshops. These lifts tend to take a lot of floor space of a garage, but enable in driving the vehicle on and off the lift.
  • Car Parking Lifts: By storing only one automobile at a time, these lifts are available for optimizing the parking spaces.
  • Hydraulic or Electric Car Lifts: These lifts are sought-after for their functionality in raising the platform at any desired level with the help of specialized fluids being pumped through cylinders electrically.
  • Mechanical Automotive Jacks: These are conventional lifts which can be operated with the combined mechanical working of bolts, pedals, levers, and pins.

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Each type of automotive lift mentioned above comes in a range of configurations that differ from end-use to end-use. Key players in the global automotive garage equipment market are consistently striving to develop advanced lifts. Two-post lifts, four-post lifts, alignment lifts, scissor lifts, and low-rise car lifts are some of the advanced automotive lifts available in the global market for automotive garage equipment.

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