How Advent of UV LED Technology and New Applications are Fostering the High Demand for Ultraviolet Lamps

UV Lamps

With advancements in technology, multiple types of radiations have been employed across a range of applications. Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are among such commodities that emerged from the developments in using electromagnetic radiation to create visible light rays that can serve a slew of purposes. The vast electromagnetic spectrum dishes out an array of key applications for UV lamps, from being used in detecting forged bank notes to product sterilization.

Over the years, the sales of ultraviolet lamps have surged at a considerable pace. The global ultraviolet lamps market is anticipated to incur robust revenue growth at a double-digit CAGR in the near future. This upsurge in the global demand for UV lamps is characterized by the effectiveness in several applications and the developments in UV technologies. In food inspection and hygiene operations, UV lamps have been widely used across the globe for killing microbes. This applicability of UV lamps is predominantly adopted by the healthcare industry, wherein hospitals sterilize the surgical equipment and instruments after every medical procedure. Moreover, the effective use of UV lamps in forensics and crime scene investigation has also propelled their demand in law enforcement agencies. Doctors are recommending a regulated and suitable dosage of UV radiation from ultraviolet lamps to patients suffering from heavy vitamin D deficiency. These lamps have further emerged as a therapeutic tool in treating skin disorders.

Off recently, advancements in UV technologies have extended the applicability of ultraviolet lamps. Several companies manufacturing ultraviolet lamps are focusing on adopting these advancements and extending their product lines by capturing new and ground-breaking applications.

Advent for Ultraviolet LED Technology

Conventional ultraviolet lamps are principally used in UV curing applications across industries. However, their technical limits induced the emergence of UV LEDs – a breakthrough light-emission technology that can effectively replace the need for conventional UV lamps. Being one of the most widely-sold products in the semiconductor industry, LEDs can be integrated into ultraviolet lamps to directly discharge the electromagnetic spectrum under specific wavelengths by the current input. The electromagnetic spectrum of UV LED technology exhibits quasi-monochromatic radiation in discrete wavelengths. Unlike the conventional ultraviolet lamps, a UV LED lamp can deliver radiation in a range of wavelengths such as 365 nm, 385 nm, or 405 nm.

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Moreover, this technology doesn’t emit electromagnetic radiation in short wavelengths and has a near-zero generation of ozone elements. The adoption of ultraviolet lamps developed on LED technology is garnering positive attitudes from end-users for operating without a warm-up phase and in the absence of shutters. Apart from the high costs and maintenance complexities, the global ultraviolet lamps market will witness a considerable uptake of UV LED lamps in the upcoming years.

UV Lamps: New Tools for Non-destructive Testing

Meanwhile, leading manufacturers of ultraviolet lamps have explored a new opportunity for extending the application of their products. Non-destructive testing, a set of critical analysis techniques used in technology-driven industries for evaluating the properties of the material without damaging it, has been observed as the newest avenue for ultraviolet lamp applications. US-based Spectronics Corp. has revealed the growing use of their new EDGE 13 series of UV lamps in fluorescent inspection of systems and components. The UV-A lamps offered by the company are being designed to serve overhead applications in non-destructive testing. These lamps can spot fluorescent indications on large components and system parts. In the view of such developments, advancements in UV technologies and the resultant growth in the applicability of ultraviolet lamps will unlock new opportunities for manufacturers and improve the end-user experience.

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