Asia-Pacific to Witness Impressive Growth in the Global Air Freshener Market during 2014-2020

Air Freshener Market

The upcoming report by Future Market Insights (FMI) offers in-depth and segment-wise analysis on the global air freshener market. According to the report titled ‘Air Freshener Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014-2020,’ in the recent years, air fresheners are being used as the decorative product. Air fresheners include chemicals such as aerosol propellants, original or artificial essence, it also includes solvents such as mineral oil, 2-butoxyethanol, and glycol ethers. These all chemicals and solvents freshens the air and also helps in the neutralization of odours. Air fresheners are generally used to eliminate the foul smell in the environment. The air fresheners are mostly used in indoors such as home, hotels, office, cars, etc.

In the last five years, the global air fresheners market has witnessed a stable growth. Moreover, the market is anticipated to witness favourable growth during the forecast period 2014-2020. Owing to the increasing adoption of better products, innovative products available in the market, and growing affluence, the global market for air fresheners is expected to witness the growth in the coming years. The rising population in the developing nations, changing lifestyle and change in demographic factors are further driving the air freshener market in Asia-Pacific and other regions.

Key Factors Driving the Global Air Freshener Market

Various key factors influencing the air freshener market are the launch of the new products in the market with the enhanced capability to deliver freshness and fight offensive odours and the second factor is the introduction of innovative products. These two factors also influence customers to buy new products. In addition to these factors, other factors fueling the demand for air freshener are increasing disposable income and purchasing power.

The global air fresheners market is segmented on the basis of product types. The segment includes diffusers and room sprays. Room sprays are in the category of aerosol sprays and are available in glass bottles or cans with the spray nozzles. Room sprays release a pleasant smell along with the masking foul odours. While diffusers release the fragrance. Diffusers are further divided into active diffusers and passive diffusers. Active diffusers release fragrance with the help of external source of energy such as batteries or plugged power source. Meanwhile, passive diffusers release fragrance without the need of an external source of energy. Gel products, reed diffusers, and adjustable solids are some types of the passive diffusers.

Apart from diffusers and room sprays, the global market for air freshener has also been segmented on the basis of specialty products. These specialty products include various products that are developed to eliminate odours and offer a good fragrance. These products are also available in various forms such as potpourri. Potpourri includes various forms of dry botanical and other organic ingredients such as fruits, flowers, spices, wood chips and may also have fragrance oils added in them. Another form is sachets, these are small bags or pouches that include scented powder. The incense which is another type is produced from the mixture of resins, wood, fragrant gums, and spices, and these are available in form of cones, sticks, coils, rods, powders, wands, and small blocks. One more type of air freshener is fragrance oil burning lamp. It’s a diffusion lamp that helps in purification of the air. Lastly, evaporative and non-electric air fresheners are also available in the market, they release fragrance when the oil warmer is heated using a tea light candle and scented oil is added to the warmer.

The report also provides detailed profile on some of the leading players in the market such as SC Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, California Scents, Henkel, Amway, ST Corporation, Church & Dwight, Scott’s Liquid Gold, Inc., Liby, Mengjiaolan, Kobayashi, Houdy, Jiali, Farcent, Ludao, and others.

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