Advantech Looking Forward to an Efficacious Technological Pact with IGEL

In a recent announcement, a renowned technology provider conveying endpoint management software, called IGEL and Advantech, a medical computing solutions provider, declared about their open-ended development and technology partnership. For the first time, the outcome of this partnership will be exhibited at MEDICA, the largest global medical fair, which will be held from November 13-16 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Here, Advantech with IGEL OS™ will display point-of-care (POC) medical computer. As a result, IGEL’s software and Advantech’s hardware expertise will get to know the process of enabling the unique endpoint management competencies that are made for the healthcare sector.

 Ability to Secure & Manage IT Environment

The IGEL Universal Management Suite™ (UMS) software can effortlessly and tenuously handle Advantech’s POC endpoints. This is a good news for the busy IT departments in hospitals that from now they can proficiently handle the large placements, even by using profiles based on group. Therefore, it is clear that a few mouse clicks can simply define and allocate devices to the individuals or to all device groups.

The updates of regular firmware can be dispersed in an automated, scheduled or simple manner over the network. Seamless access receives a comprehensive support from IGEL’s OS to a variety of cloud-based and virtualized IT set-up. IGEL OS also securely safeguards sensitive data as it is a read-only operating system. 

Point-Of-Care (POC) Medical Panel Computers by Advantech 

As POC series terminals are mechanized by the outstanding graphics performer Intel® Core™ i processor, they are high-skilled medical-grade devices with the proficiency to support numerous displays for difficult imaging-related healthcare presentations such as radiology, endoscopy and surgical modeling. Due to the slim system layout and lightweight, POC terminals can docilely mounted in various places such as equipment control panels, operating room (OR) dashboards and intensive care unit (ICU) information displays to deliver serious data to the medical staff to help them in making life-saving decision.

CTO at IGEL Matthias Haas clarifies that with the span of experience in the healthcare sector, IGEL is pretty aware about the challenges and necessities of IT in hospitals. He also adds up that the advantages of using endpoint management can now be mingled with Advantech’s hardware which is especially designed for challenging hospital environments. Therefore, IT department of both hospital and clinics can easily access the benefits with faster, easier and steadier managed devices.

The Channel Manager at Advantech Michael Jasper quotes that Advantech is persistent on the viewpoint to generate value with stretchy and solution-ready platforms. He also utters that as IGEL is the latest pact partner, it permits Advantech to encounter the critical necessities of healthcare professionals and safeguard uninterrupted workflows. Having Healthcare providers of IGEL’s Endpoint Management Solutions with Advantech’s hardware expertise interprets a cost efficient, highly creative and medically certified solutions which will assist hospitals to transfer data from heterogeneous to central IT structures. Hence, he is honored to have IGEL as a new technology partner with an expectation of a prosperous collaboration.

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