How Garage Equipment Can Simplify Problem Analysis in Automotive Sector ?


Mechanics who wanted boost their prospects really need everything in their garage, such as reliable fault diagnoses, fast vehicle identification, component supplies, comprehensive data, and best professionals who help with repairs when things are trickier than usual. Time is money. Any mechanic can feel this while spending precious time attempting to fix complicated electronics of a modern vehicle. Even experienced mechanics doubt about the values found by analysis of such parts even after the problem has been found. There are various tools in the automotive garage equipment market, which can help analyze various complicated problems. A few examples of this equipment has been discussed below.

Garages that earn money from servicing and repairing the entire range of vehicles makes and models, diagnostics technology and data that produce fastest possible results are absolutely vital. There are many players in the market who are providing affordable entry level mega macs for fast troubleshooting, compact mega macs, and other testers that diagnose system with real-time repair concept.

Flushing Devices

The flushing device is connected between air-conditioning system unit and the vehicle air-conditioning system. The device helps to ensure the liquid refrigerant flows via all of the parts of air conditioning system that requires to be rinsed. Transparent containers allows user to recognize liquid flow refrigerant flows back out of the system without any contamination.

Rinsing Devices

This device allows the air conditioning system to be rinsed in conjunction with air conditioning devices. It consist of inspector that is detachable, which can connect individually to air conditioning system and helps visible inspection of refrigerant.

Adapter Set

There is requirement of bridging certain components like expansion valves while flushing vehicle air-conditioner by the, adapter set helps bridging. The adapters can be used to connect hoses from flushing devices to different pipes or air-conditioner components of vehicle.

Leak Detection

Leakages in various pipes can be detected by using UV leak detection system. Contrast agent of precisely defined amount is being injected into air-conditioning system. The device helps contrast agent to be injected at high pressure that helps air-conditioning system filled with coolant.

Leak Detection with Forming Gas

As hydrogen atoms are the smallest particles found in nature, these are used in detecting the leakages in air-conditioners owing to its property to exit from smallest leakages. Leaky evaporators can be detected by measuring at the air exit nozzles in the centre console.

Electronic Leakage Detector

This device indicates leakages via digital display and acoustic signals. It even detects halogen gases and tiny leakages at points difficult to reach.


Various air-conditioning leakages can be detected by the use of aforementioned devices. These equipment are provided with safety features. Some safety equipment need to be utilized by the operator such as safety shoes, safety goggles, etc. The gases that are exiting from such air-conditioning devices are injurious to health. Thereby, it is strongly recommended to use safety equipment while using these devices.

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