Covalon reveals Advanced Infection Prevention & Wound Management Products


Covalon Technologies Ltd. is among the leading companies in the world that researches, develops and commercializes new technologies in the field of healthcare. Patented technologies and products by Covalon have addressed the changing needs of individual patients, medical device manufacturers and healthcare service providers. The company is also identified for its contribution in the field of wound management by creating products that can detect medical conditions rapidly, manage their treatment, and even prevent the expected to damage to organs.

Off recently, the US-based company participated in the Limb Salvage and Woundcare Symposium, which was held in Cleveland, Ohio in early October. The convention for healthcare companies working towards development of wound management products, services and technologies become a suitable platform for Covalon to announce its future plans. The company continues to extend its product lines and remains competitive in the global market for wound management by addressing the concerns of clinicians as well as patients.

Covalon’s New Products on Wound Management

According to the news, Covalon announced the launch of advanced wound management product lines and extension of its portfolio on infection prevention services. Advanced features CovaWound™, MediClear™ PreOp, and ColActive® products were discussed by Covalon’s panel at the symposium. The company observes the capabilities of these products in supporting the effectiveness of eliminating bacteria in infections arising from chronic diabetic foot lesions and surgical procedures. The company also vouched that the combination of ColActive and CovaWound products can aid in bolstering the process of rapid closure of chronic wounds.

Covalon’s Executive VP, John R. Hands, addressed the symposium for becoming the venue where the company is putting its products on exhibition for the first time. Hands added how Covalon’s products on woundcare and injury management can improve the operations of leading medical professionals such as acute care specialists, wound care specialists, podiatrists, internists, and vascular surgeons.

Focus on Healing Diabetic Ulcers

Increasing incidence of diabetes was also identified as a key factor driving the demand for advanced woundcare products and injury management technologies. Diabetic foot ulcers and wounds continue to constrain surgeons and woundcare specialists from strategizing the treatment for complex comorbidities. As these professionals seek new products by staying au courant with the latest advances in wound care techniques and products, companies are also offering improved products to cater to this intrinsic demand. Low response of patients to less advanced medical products during wound recovery period is also fuelling the development by such companies. Covalon also announced that its extended product line on infection prevention and wound management will deliver enhanced technologies to clinicians and empower them in healing the wounds of chronic diabetes patients in particular.

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