Advanced Digitization of GE Transportation System

General Electric Transportation comes under General Electric group of companies. In North America, for passenger as well as freight applications, the leading producer of diesel-electric locomotives is GE Transportation which holds around 70% share in the market. GE also supplies parts of locomotives, repair services for GE as well as other locomotives, railroad signaling equipment and railroad cars.

GE Transportation Deploys 10,000 Trip Optimizer Units & GoLINC Modules

According to a recent news by New York Stock Exchange, San Francisco, at the Minds + Machines 2017, the Industrial Internet Event of General Electric, GE marks highpoints with Trip Optimizer units 10,000 ordered as well as GoLINC modules 10,000 supplied. Globally, to facilitate a digital cargo rail ecosystem, the flagship offerings that are part of General Electric transportation’s group of digital solutions was proposed. GE Transportation’s Chief Digital Officer, Laurie Tolson, had mentioned about the mission of the industry which is basically to get the transportation system digitalized, that would improve operations as well as unlock billions in productivity and savings for their customers. She further adds that the success of GoLINC solutions and Trip optimizer is a proof of the well-in-progress digital rail revolution.

Advantages of GoLINC Interface

GoLINC, is an onboard computing platform where locomotives effective turn into mobile data center by processing and collecting data from sensors, both off and on the train. Due to GoLINC solutions, functionality and un-paralleled addition is brought to the locomotives cabins which helps in facilitating operations of GE’s full suite of digital solutions. The improved productivity and enhanced communication is due to the availability of data that GoLINC interfaces with both third-party systems and locomotive which therefore for smooth data transfer, features onboard wireless capability.

Globally, the approach to open standard specifications is gradually adopted and accepted by the railroads due to the supply of 10,000 GoLINC modules. In North America, all the Class I railroads use it currently and in South America and Australia, the freight railroads use it. To make a fuel-efficient plan, the Trip Optimizer works through GoLINC and ingests data about the load and route of a train. In auto control mode, the GoLINC solutions have basically helped the customers to save fuel of more than 146 million gallons as well as exceed a record of 256 million miles which is equal to taking 1, 00,000 cars off the road. For each solutions, reaching 10,000 orders is a proof of the benefits digitization brought to rail’s transit, infrastructure and competitiveness on a large scale.

Growing contribution of GE Transportation through such product launches will propel their presence in key industrial vertical of automotive engineering. In the years to come, technologies facilitated by GE products are also expected to find applications beyond their customary scope.

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