Fiber to the Home Market Trends and Opportunity Assessment: 2015-2025

The global market for Fiber to the Home (FTTH) market is witnessing exponential growth in both developed and developing nations. Demand for high-speed internet, combined with wider push for Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are also providing an impetus to the global market. Although competition from wireless broadband can pose a threat to widespread adoption, the speed at which Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is gaining traction globally augurs well for the continuous growth of the market.

Copper wire technology is slowly giving way to FTTH as both corporations and government look for enhanced internet speed and connectivity. Although Fiber to the Home (FTTH) started gaining momentum in 2008, with thousands of deployments taking place in the US, the recession took a toll on the market.

In the current climate, with digitisation becoming a necessity, instead of a choice or luxury, FTTH is witnessing a second wave of growth. Big companies which have been dependent on copper wire technology for a long time now are making the transition to FTTH.

A key trend in the FTTH market growth has been the positive response of consumers towards it, in spite of being charged premium prices. FTTH has given many working professionals to work from home, without having to witnessing any noticeable difference in the internet speed they receive in their offices.

Although FTTH has been a telco-only affair for a long time, sensing the lucrativeness of the market, a number of cable companies are strategizing to make a foray. Cable companies at the moment do not have an extensive infrastructure as enjoyed by telcos, but they are slowly building it up to reach the end-user.

The advantages offered by FTTH are also expected to make their case stronger and appeal to companies who are looking to stick with copper network technology. As compared to copper wire technology, FTTH offers a host of benefits, such as energy efficiency, and security benefits. FTTH is also easier to install and lower in weight than copper wire technology.

Fiber to the Home can be categorised on the basis of type, deployment provider, and end-use applications. Connected Homes currently accounts for the bulk of the share of the FTTH market.

The key end-use application of FTTH include internet video, online gaming, video conferencing, and VoIP. Among these, video conferencing and VoIP are expected to account for bulk of the market share in the future.

Owing to the required infrastructure necessary to facilitate the installation of FTTH, the pace of deployment is higher in developed countries as compared to developing countries. North America, Japan, and countries in Western Europe are at the forefront of installation of FTTH.

Emerging nations, including China, Brazil, and India represent a plethora of opportunities to vendors owing to high population. However, owing to the high cost of making a transition from copper wire to FTTH, it will take a while before FTTH becomes all-pervasive in the region.

The key vendors dominating the global FTTH market include 3M Communication Technologies, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., FiberHome Networks Co. Ltd., ZTE Corporation, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, ADTRAN Inc., DASAN Networks Inc., Enablence Technologies Inc., Fujikura Ltd. and Superior Essex Inc.

The information presented in this article is sourced from the report, “Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025.” A free sample of the report is available at

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