A Boot That Will Make Sure You Are Safe At Work


The construction industry continue to have one of the lowest digital imprints among all the large-scale verticals of the world and one that involves a lot of dangers.  A Pittsburgh-based startup has recently introduced a unique technology boots after several iterations of the products over the past couple of months. On the outside, the footwear gives an impression of normal daily use shoes, entirely black with a ting of with and green in the form of the company’s logo.  However, the features that it comes with are quite amazing and almost unreal. A part of the wearable particularly the rectangular sections in the heels lights up in bright orange, giving some sort of information. In addition, these shoes are based on unplugged technology and are capable of charging all by themselves.

Reportedly, it could be of a great help to tackle the current ongoing problems in the industrial work space. As per online sources, SolePower has already won a number of accolades, including the Popular science’s Invention Awards in 2014 for its unique self-charging shoe sole technology and the company has gone a step further to develop the a self-charging wearable for industrial use. The particular unplugged technology is anticipated to play an important role in the efforts to increase efficiency and safety in the construction, oil and gas industries and building sector. On the other hand, it could well become part of the usual argument over privacy issues, as technology and employers converge for closer monitoring of workers.

The SolePower’s footwear is integrated with a range of sensors, including GPS temperature detection, electronics, Wi-Fi and inertial measurement and track location and motion. These sensors are solely powered by kinetic charger technology that capture the untapped energy generated by walking.

A rising number of industrial devices are now being integrated with safety pointers. For instance, Cat’s Link technology that enable employers to track worker fleet of excavators or compactor. However, the SolePower’s product is a wearable that joins the like of smart vests helmets, glasses and some bionic suits as well. The product may successfully attract a sizable pool of buyers. The construction sectors looks like a potential suitor for the particular wearable technology as the industry is expected to continue to expand with several larges construction projects expected to come up around the globe over the next couple of years. The technology might further help the construction sector become more productive and at the same time help save on additional costs.

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