U.S based biotech company Illumina Inc joins hands with Netherlands based Koninklijke Philips N.V to provide genomic solution for oncology

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California based biotech giant Illumina Inc collaborated with Netherlands based Koninklijke Philips N.V to provide an integrated genomics solution for oncology. The collaboration of Philips and Illumina aims to combine the sequencing system of Illumina and Intellispace Genomics – a platform of Philips Healthcare. Illumina’s sequencing is important with respect to the analysis of the genetic functions and variations on a large scale. The main purpose of the collaboration is to carry out and synchronise sales and marketing programmes of the consequential solutions. These giants would also pursue engaging the US health systems, these health systems being involved in the precise development of oncology medicine programmes for clinical research collaborations.

Profiling tumours utilising genomic data is perilous for complicated cases of cancer, and cutting-edge sequencing of DNA – the procedure of quickly profiling extensive segments of the genome to discover changes – is progressively being utilised for this. Nevertheless, the real challenges are in developing ways to quickly and precisely translate genomic discoveries with regards to a patient’s ailment. While the patients of cancer can have several variants of the gene in their tumours, the lesser number may essentially fuel the individual’s specific cancer or may have significant therapeutic effects for a specific patient. The patient’s history, related cancer type and lab tests are required for an important understanding of the genomic information.

Philips and Illumina have teamed up with a view to offering a new solution aiming at analysis, procurement, interpretations and annotation of genomics data in cancer cases. The information will be assimilated by Illumina’s BaseSpace® Sequence Hub associated with its instruments and will be administered through Philips’ IntelliSpace Genomics solution for oncology. This arrangement will combine information from different sources—radiology, immunohistochemistry, advanced pathology, lab tests and medical records. It will provide a consolidated dashboard view. This framework will bolster researchers to develop insights more proficiently and will finally lower the cost of healthcare delivery along with improved health outcomes.

Future research programs, system integration, health economic applications and cohort analysis are some of the categories the two companies intend to work together. Laboratories will get an easy access to deep learning technologies, advanced analytics and available reference guidelines in a single view due to this collaboration between Illumina and Philips.

IntelliSpace Genomics is controlled by Philips HealthSuite, a safe, cloud-empowered ecosystem, digital tools and clinical applications that offer access to cutting-edge capacities, for example, Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and universal big data management to bolster clinicians in first-time-right choice support. This empowers Philips IntelliSpace Genomics to convey continuous, noteworthy data to doctors and authorities for arranging treatment across various locations. BaseSpace® Sequence Hub is a cloud-based platform that flawlessly broadens Illumina instruments for the procurement and investigation of genomic information, and overseeing sequencing runs on the Illumina sequencing platform to streamline operations. It empowers the sharing of genomic information with an expansive scope of Illumina and its ecosystem of examination applications.

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