Demand for Social Employee Recognition System Soar as Enterprises Undergo Rampant Technological Upgrades

Social Employee Recognition

Of late, many of the social media platforms are witnessing their robust adoption in organizations and business across the globe. Social media platforms such as Linkedin and Twitter that are majorly used by companies and business professionals for the purpose of interaction with the in-house teams and now being use to recognise employee efforts and further extend employee engagement beyond just marketing or promotional activities. Also, companies use them for advertising their latest products as such that the social media platforms become a medium through which organizations inform their client regarding their latest services and products.

Such new strategies and plans help companies in terms of growth and brand creation, which further drive sales as wells as increase brand loyalty.  Businesses also connect with their associate partners through social employee recognition platforms and portals on a real-time basis. Therefore, growing application of social media platforms is proving beneficial for enterprise. According to a report published by Future Market Insights, the global market for social employee recognition is expected to witness a healthy growth over the next couple of years. The growing involvement of senior management in employee recognition systems is driving its global market at steady pace at present. Few companies are already recording better growth figures after addition of senior management in employee recognition programmes and activities.

Many of the social employee recognition tools are also available in app-based formats, making it easier for senior management to actively take part in them from any distant location and recognise and reward the best performing employees as well as teams using social networking online apps in their smartphones. Further, such social employee recognition tools can aid employees communicate with their respective seniors and team members that can greatly increases employee productivity. Building internal marketing team is considered as another key factor that is most likely to be carried out through social employee recognitions tools in the upcoming years. Several of the companies have already started creating internal marketing teams to disseminate information to employees regarding latest social employee engagement programmes introduced by the company that can aware them on how to post comments on social media platforms and gain online points. Creating an internal marketing structure can also help in proceeding with the planning of monthly goals, monthly activities, and awards with all fairness.

In North America, large enterprise are anticipated to register highest number of social employee recognition deployments. By the 2017-end, US$ 900 Mn worth social employee recognition systems are projected to be deployed in large enterprise. Likewise, adoption of employee recognition systems in Latin America is also expected surge at a healthy pace in the near future. Meanwhile, it is believed that the use of such employee recognition solutions will be robust in Asia Pacific in years to come. This is largely owing to the economic growth in many of the emerging countries in the region including India and China. Japan being a developed country already holds strong position in term of adoption of such new-age technologies.

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