New HUESKER Plant to Boost Growth of Geosynthetics Market in Russia

Geosynthetics Market

Geosynthetics are the synthetic products that are used in construction and geotechnical engineering applications. Geosynthetic materials are used with soil, rock or any other geotechnical material to perform five major functions including filtration, separation, drainage, reinforcement and moisture barrier.

Growing adoption of geosynthetics in past few years have boosted the growth of global Geosynthetics market. Moreover, growing investment in environmental projects and infrastructure by developing and developed nations will drive the growth of geosynthetics market.

HUESKER’s Plant in Russia to Strengthen Labour and Expand Business Potential 

Countries like Russia, India and China are expected to see robust growth in adoption of Geosynthetic material in geotechnical and construction projects, according to the report by Future Market Insights (FMI). Russian geosynthetics market is expected to witness growth with the establishment of HUESKER manufacturing center.

HUESKER, one of the leading geosynthetics manufacturers had already established its first production site in Russia in 2013.Having established the production site, HUESKER has successfully completed many projects in last few years including projects in roads and pavements segments, in field of earthworks, hydraulic and environmental engineering. Hence, with the ability to manufacture the products locally at its new manufacturing center will provide flexibility and ability to complete the projects more quickly fulfilling all the project-specific requirements.

Moreover, the new plant in Russia will also help with the steady growth of geosynthetics market in the country, increase its business potential and strengthening labour. Also, growing number of waste management projects in the European countries will change the scenario of geosynthetics market.

The products manufactured at the new plant includes tried and tested geotextiles such as basetrac, stabilenka and HaTelit. Along with the growth of geosynthetics market in Russia, the new manufacturing unit by HUESKER has also added to the foreign investment in the country. This will also raise the standard of the region’s road building.

Geosynthetics Market Future Prospects

Geosynthetics is used in mining, waste management and erosion control. Hence, the demand is likely to grow for geosynthetics in hazardous waste, industrial waste, and safe dumping of regular waste. The only factor that acts as a major restraint in the growth of geosynthetics market is the price of raw material which is used in the manufacturing of geosynthetics is highly volatile, according to the FMI research report.

Asia-Pacific holding the largest share in global geosynthetics market is anticipated to emerge as fastest growing market for geosynthetics during 2015-2025. Based on the product type, geotextile holds the maximum share in the global geosynthetics market.

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