Recent Advancements to Drive the Growth of Global Mobile Applications Market

Mobile Application Market

Increasing smartphone users have driven the growth of mobile application development sector. With smartphones at affordable costs, the demand for mobile applications is soaring higher than ever. Leading market players are focusing on latest mobile app technology to cope up with the current market growth. Whether a giant IT company or a small business, implementation of a mobile application strategy is necessary for reaching out to maximum number of users. Recent advancements in mobile applications technology have been enhancing the mobile applications every day. A recent study by Future Market Insights (FMI) states that the global mobile applications market is projected to register an impressive 9.6% CAGR during 2016 to 2026.

Recent Trends Observed in the Global Mobile Applications Market Include

  • Applications for Enterprises– Enterprise app is considered to be mobile application sector’s one of the most critical trends. Organisations are rapidly shifting towards Enterprise App in order to provide a reliable and satisfactory working atmosphere to their employees. The productivity of enterprise app development, in terms of revenue, is more than individual app development. This has enabled the organisations in creating mobility solutions for perfect implementation of business operations. Enterprise app is expected to be the future of mobile applications industry.
  • Applications for Cloud Computing– Cloud computing apps, offering reliable and simpler usability, are gaining prevalence among organisations. Cloud storage apps enable developers to create an application capable of operating on every smartphone, using browsers instead of platforms and screen. Cloud computing apps are likely to play an indispensable role in reshaping the mobile app development sector in the near future.
  • IoT Applications– Mobile app development not only enhances smartphones or tablets, but also manages and controls gadgets and devices around us. Mobile application development for IoT (Internet of Things) will result in integration of all objects into people’s daily life activities. Some brilliant examples of IoT applications include Google glasses, Apple’s watch, Google’s self-driving car, and a Refrigerator capable of reading out tweets.
  • Applications for Cross Platforms– Mobile applications must be compatible to platforms, on which it operation would take place. With cross platforms development, developers are able create an application capable of running on multiple platforms with similar functionality and features. Cross platforms saves significant time and costs in application development.
  • Applications for Wearable Devices– Wearable devices have become a hot topic among tech geeks, as it has held the position of being the most epic and innovative way for interacting with technology. Earlier limited to smartphones, these devices have changed the complete perception of carrying technology with ourselves. Apple’s watch and Google glass are best examples of this technology. The necessity of embedding features to support functionality of wearable devices is growing in the applications developed for user-friendly interface between smartphones and devices.

Google Releases a New YouTube App Developed for India

One of the esteemed organisations in mobile application development, Google has recently announced the rolling out of a mobile YouTube application specially designed for India. The company expects that this would boost the presence of the search company in the burgeoning market of India with spotty internet access. A better version of YouTube app has been released in India on Google Play Store, which will have extended benefits along with the prior ones such as saving videos to watch offline and monitoring the data usage. The company plans on the expansion of this new app, called YouTube Go, in other emerging markets post its project in India.

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