Emergence of Mobile X-rays in the Healthcare Industry!


The augmented need for better-quality bedside imaging across the globe is encouraging the use of mobile X-rays principally in the healthcare industry. According to a report presented by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017, currently, the prevalence of arthritis around the globe is between 0.3% and 1%. Therefore, growing cases of bone injuries, chronic lung diseases, and, orthopedic diseases are chiefly driving the use of mobile x-rays in the health industry. Devices that requires low-dose radiation technology and controls the radiation exposure for an operator, as well as for the patient has witnessed high demand for mobile x-rays in the recent times. This is owing to several technological advancements in mobile X-rays units in the past years leading to fewer emissions. According to a research by Future Market Insights, North America is the largest market for digital mobile X-rays globally.

On the other hand, escalating number of next generation point of care devices and neonatal care units has played the major role in boosting the usage of mobile X-rays. Though, some emerging regions are still observing hurdles such as stringent regulatory procedures and lack of suitable reimbursement policies.

Mobile X-rays are benefitting the radiologists as these devices give the immediate feedbacks and enable operators to view images on screen promptly in about 10 seconds. Therefore, the speed and accuracy of these devices seem to make them ideal for proficient operations. For instance, if the patient has to undergo peripherally-inserted central catheter (PICC) line process, mobile x rays is said to be the best preference due to its efficiency.

Recently, a report by the top most healthcare research company KLAS identified that mobile X-rays are playing the huge role in simplifying the complete practice. This has also led to the additional encroachments in the wireless capability and power management of the mobile technology. Analysts in KLAS have also experienced the intensification in the use of the equipment majorly in emergency rooms and ICU’s.

There are a lot of novel mobile X-ray units launched in the market recently, enabling the instant access to the images at the patient side. Key trends that have driven the demand of X-rays include image quality and mobility. Although, it is believed that several vendors could still work on the better operations of battery life and wireless connectivity. Micro X, the renowned manufacturer of mobile x-rays is supporting the commercialization of the novel mobile x-ray unit DRX Revolution Nano by raising millions. The company has tied up with several investors and institutions in order to expand the unit operations.

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