It’s a Good Start For the New Hewlett Packard Entity


On 1st April 2017, the spin-merger between Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) and HP’s Enterprise IT Services business saw the creation of DXC Technology.  Much has been speculated thereafter.   DXC technology is an independent IT Service Company, offering end-to-end solutions and has been trading as “DXC” on the NYS exchange of late. Reportedly, the newly merged company serves close to 6,000 public and private sector clients across 70 countries with annual revenues estimated at around $ 25 billion. With over 170,000 employees, the company is now open for business.

While HP remains focused on hardware business, the new deal will enable the company to add more expertise to its IT service capabilities.  Steady progress in cloud offerings might turn out to be a key catalyst for the company in the long run. The newly merged entity is considered to have enough thrust to catapult it amongst the top IT services companies. DXC will offer cutting edge solutions to businesses and industries that are driven by technology. Mike Lawrie, the former CEO, chairman and president of CSC will head DXC’s operations. CSC holds 49.9% interest in DXC while the rest 50.1% stake is owned by HPE shareholders.

By partnering with various other technology firms, DXC offers innovative solutions to its clients as well as help them create new business outcomes. The company has a widespread network and technological efficiency that enables its deliver superior quality services. Further, DXC is supported by unique and advance capabilities of HPE and CSC.  DXC is focused on delivering a seamless client experience by implementing a differentiated operating model. Currently, the company has fully operational units in five different regions including that include Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and Middle East & Africa (MEA). DXC Technology has over 250 trusted partners globally, which enables it to establish a robust business network. PwC, AT&T, HCL, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Amazon Web Services, Dell EMC, IBM, Oracle, HPE, Micro Focus and SAP are amongst few of DXC’s strategic partners.

The new wave of technology is revolutionising enterprise operational structures across the globe. Subsequently, raising the popularity of technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, IoT, and analytics. Therefore, businesses around the globe are quickly adapting to the new age digital ecosystem to capitalise on market opportunities and meet growing business demands.  Moreover, increasing digitisation of Insurance and Healthcare sectors are likely to create a further scope of business for IT service firms such as the DXC Technology in the medium term. Which is why the deal between HPE and CSC falls correctly as it will provide both the companies the required force going forward. DXC Technology’s next-gen IT service capabilities and solutions are expected to help it tap lucrative business opportunities, especially in the emerging markets of the world.

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