Google’s ‘YouTube Go’ Should Ease the Video Streaming Technology Crisis in India

Technology giant Google takes yet another step in offering videos streaming services at lower internet bandwidths for users in India.  The company recently launched a beta version of ‘YouTube Go’ and the app can be downloaded for free from Google play store.

Using ‘YouTube Go’, users will be able to view YouTube videos even in areas with weak internet connectivity. The application will essentially address the issues of video inaccessibility or irksome buffering caused by poor network coverage. Despite the growing demand for online video streaming in India, service providers are unable to fully capitalise on the market opportunity.

India is huge, both in terms of population and geography and it will probably take few more years before network connectivity become robust in the nation. The level of competition has surely reached the next level in Indian telecom market, as data consumptions continue to increase. For instance, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio which entered very recently in the Indian telecom market has launched free-of-cost data services under its promotional offers.

Popularity of Video on Demand (VoD) services, e-commerce websites and video calling is increasingly growing in India sub-continent. The region is considered to be a hot destination for companies that offer such services.  Looking at the current data consumption intensity and the existing broadband infrastructure in the country, one might actually consider ‘YouTube Go’ a fitting proposition.

Google revealed ‘YouTube Go’ in September last year, though, the complete version of the application will not be available before 2018. Currently, it is active in a beta phase and will start working in full fledge by early next year. Over the past couple of years, the company has been relentlessly working on developing an effective video streaming technology that can offer both offline and online services.

‘YouTube Go’ will allow users to share videos with nearby people. The app is designed to be offline first, improving user’s experience of viewing videos, especially in slower networks.  Moreover, the app reportedly consumes significantly lower amounts of data, giving the user different video quality options. Going forward, the company also aims to make improvement in the application by the gathering user feedback. In addition, the app will enable users to preview videos before they watch or save the content as well as select the resolution prior to streaming or saving it.

This will be Google’s second attempt on rolling out something like that, as in 2014, it launched ‘YouTube Offline’ feature that would enable users to view content even when the device in not connected to the internet. Recently, it also released a smart offline feature, allowing users to schedule a particular time when the app would automatically save content without any assistance.  Experts suggest that ‘YouTube Go’ will be quite successful in the Indian market, as network coverage crisis remains a serious issue in various parts of the country.

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