Are Healthcare Apps the Real Deal Both for Consumers and Doctors?

The incessant development of mobile medical technology is bringing a tidal change in healthcare management and delivery system. It is most likely that in the foreseeable future virtual solutions such as remote monitoring, digital diagnostics and telemedicine will revolutionise patient handling.  The arrival of fitness wearable devices for monitoring heart rates marked the first phase of change, these devices assist users in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and track their day-to-day physical activities.  It is anticipated that demand for wearable devices will grow substantially over the next couple of years. The augmenting number of devices for healthcare monitoring is translating into development of a slew of mobile applications.

It is believed that the future of healthcare will be more portable and compact. For instance, UK’s National Health Service – an organisation devoted to improving healthcare management system is actively focusing on developing patient-centric apps that will run on devices such as smartwatches, smartphones and tablets. In addition, developers are emphasising on apps that would reduce hospital visits, and monitor patient’s heath at home 

Apps that Support Knowledge Building for Healthcare Professionals   

Now, both doctors and consumers can utilise apps equally. Some of the latest apps are entirely dedicated to assisting caregivers rather patients. Apps that contain medical libraries are guiding doctors to treat more efficiently. Moreover, medical institutions create special apps for students to learn and develop their skills through virtual lessons. In the coming years, learning from apps will be more exciting and informational as compared to conventional methods as they will provide a more defined understanding of the subject.

Apps will Make Sure Patients are Maintaining Prescription Cycles  

Patients generally tend to miss doses which impact the healing process or delays it, in some case, the drug might even lose its effect if not continued according to the prescription. Medical practitioners consider poor drug adherence a major obstruction in successfully completing treatment cycles. A study conducted by Mayo Clinic in 2010 revealed that near about 50 percent of patients fail to follow their prescribed medication cycle. Therefore, healthcare apps have emerged as an effective solution to remind patients on timely intake of medication.


Apps That Will Guide Patients Towards Receiving a Cost-Efficient Treatment  

Apps such as GoodRx and MyMedicalShopper have already become popular amongst users as consumers are finding value in these apps, which suggest the best treatment at the lowest cost possible. While GoodRx allows users to compare prices for prescribed medicines, MyMedicalShopper provides a much simpler and uncomplicated medical pricing structure and offer price comparisons between different hospital and clinics as well as their discounted offers.

Apps that Diagnose, Monitor and Support Treatment Proceedings

The healthcare industry is anticipated to be benefited from the incoming surplus amount of devices for heart and blood pressure monitoring. For instance, Mysugar an Austria-based healthcare technology developer has introduced a range of applications that can assist people in managing diabetes better. Development of diagnostic devices and applications has been observed as a growing trend in the market. Such applications can be easily integrated with mobile phones and other smart devices. For example, a San Francisco-based tech firm ‘CellScope’ has introduced a miniature video camera attachable to smartphones that will send information to doctors for immediate diagnosis form remote locations. Similarly, special retinal imaging devices have entered the market recently that allows caregivers to screen various ailments that are possible to detect through human eyes. Further, developers are trying to make them user-friendly and simpler in order for both doctors to perform accurate testing.

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