CA Technologies acquires Israeli mobile performance testing company BlazeMeter

Independent software corporation, CA Technologies acquired Israeli start-up BlazeMeter for $90 million. BlazeMeter is a developer mobile performance testing solutions platform. The acquisition will enable CA Technologies to enhance its portfolio of DevOps. BlazeMeter is likely to utilise CA Technologies’ expertise to improve its efficiency in testing and enable application deployment. BlazeMeter customers include the Gap, NBCUniversal and Adobe.

Regarding pricing, BlazeMeter can be obtained free of cost up to 50 users and 10 tests. The basic subscription for 1000 users and 200 tests per annum comes at a price of $99. Users can also obtain enterprise licenses for a pro version priced at $499. BlazeMeter was founded in 2011 by CEO Alon Girmonsky and raised $10.5 million in funding. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, BlazeMeter’s R&D offices are based in Israel.

CA Technologies has a research and development centre in Israel and will convert BlazeMeter into an indigenous R&D operation centre. This merger will enable CA Technologies to ensure better and efficient customer services. CA Technologies and BlazeMeter share a common goal for the future for continuous testing based on open source. The acquisition will position CA Technologies as a world leader in continuous testing and fuel the company’s efforts to democratise testing as organisations speed up their DevOps journey to ensure quality and timely delivery of software updates and also bring about innovations.

According to CA Technologies, the acquisition is expected to reach completion by the year end and will help the company magnify its DevOps product portfolio, thereby accelerating the development of and updates to mobile apps.

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