Enphase launches new storage system to strengthen foothold in global solar micro inverter market

Enphase is one of the key players of the solar micro inverter market. The company has a steady base in different parts of the world and surging with constant growth of the solar energy market. Enphase is the first company to produce micro inverter system in the global solar energy market. UK is one of the most fertile markets of solar energy inverters and is expanding. Enphase has a very strong base in UK and they are planning to expand. To penetrate more in the competitive market of UK the company is mulling over to implement some changes. They have curated a new fully integrated energy management system. The entire system is equipped with storage, management and control and provides affordable and clean energy to the customers. The system is geared with micro inverters, solar panels and a plug-and-play AC battery and the Envoy-S. The envoy- monitors the energy consumption and they display it to the users. This gives them a clear idea about the storage, generation and consumption of solar energy.

The system is also set in tune with a software which helps the user to understand and gauge the usage of the energy through their mobile phone. The smart energy management system enables it to manage the energy consumption and it adapts itself to the environment and optimises energy usage and savings. The system is well capable of producing and consuming more efficient energy. Without storage, a homeowner can only use 25-50 percent of the generated energy. By using a smart battery this usage level can soar up to 75 percent which will further reduce the electricity bills to a bare minimum.

With this new system, there will be a massive boom in solar micro inverter market and will enhance the viability of solar energy. The smart energy management system will benefit the existing customer base. The smart storage solution can be easily incorporated in solar panels and can bring considerable changes in the production and consumption levels. Though consumers are wary about the installation cost but the reduced cost of the solar panels will give a push to this new system.

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